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With a rich history going back all the way to the Essaouria region in Morocco, our black soap is a truly natural product, made from a mixture of oil and crushed black olives. Forming part of traditional oriental cosmetics range, it is often applied in the hammams to prepare the skin for body scrubs.

Dermatologically tested.
For all skin types.

300 ml | 10,1oz

Our black soap is an ideal preparation for a scrub. Containing moisturizing ingredients, it softens and nourishes the skin deeply. Generally associated with the action of a loose cloth Kessa glove or loofah (vegetable sponge) for scrubs, black soap can also be used as a base for all body, face and body care.

There are many virtues and uses of black soap, some of which include:
Richness in vitamin E regeneration
Removal of all impurities and dead skin, preparing your skin for the use of other treatments such as Rhassoul and Argan oil.
Smooth and hydrated skin
No irritation to the skin, as black soap is renowned for its soothing properties

The black soap does not foam but becomes creamy as soon as it is moistened.

How to

After applying the black soap to your moist skin, give it five to ten minutes and then rub your body using a loofah glove by making large movements, going over the roughest areas. You will then see your dead skin cells forming under the aspect of little black vermicelli. Finally, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water for soft and flawless skin. Apply moisturizer to nourish your skin.
The black soap can be used daily for both body and face. 

* When applied to the face, no need to rub your skin with a glove.


Black olive crushed, argan oil, scent made of essential oils in Grasse, France 100 % vegan and organic ingredients only.

Free of colorants, animal fat, paraben, silicones, mineral oils and sulphates.

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