Une nuit à Saint Tropez - Mandarin & Fire


A vibrant mix of fresh mandarin, wild lemongrass and leather blend, an homage to summer night in the South of France.

Advocating local luxury craftsmanship, our unique and elegant glass containers demonstrate the art of the handmade, each piece being cut from the recycled bottle that contain our perfume essence, traveling from Grasse, France all the way to Bali.

The X shape of the wooden wick will allow the wax to burn in its total circumference to offer a total use.

Free from parabens.
100% natural

Burning hours: 100 hours

400 g | 13.5 oz

A night in Saint-Tropez... 

Capturing perfectly the scent of a late night or early morning dew walking down the path of this dream town when the sunset or sunrise accentuates the burnished oranges and pinks of the surrounding buildings...


Soy wax, mix of Essential oil, fragrance.

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