White Clay - Soothe & Protect


Of incomparable purity and finesse, white clay is known for its softening and cleansing qualities. Extracted from the mountains of the Atlas of Morocco, it purifies and exfoliates the skin without attacking it. White Clay is known to have a tightening effect, naturally lifting and firming the skin, and is therefore used as an anti-aging treatment. 

Mix one teaspoon of the clay with a bit of water to create a paste, apply to skin and rinse once the mask has dried. Finish by applying a few drops of our hydrating facial serumWild rose infused oil or your favourite serum. 

Use once to twice weekly.
For sensitive skin.

100g | 3.4 ft. oz

*Please test this product on a small area, if irritation occurs please discontinue use.


White clay or kaolin is rich in alumina, known for its healing virtues. It has covering properties and it's the most hydrous clay.

Create your mixture with our Rose Water tonic for increased benefits 

White clay powder

Best used within 6 - 12 months

100% natural

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